Another reason to choose Organic Natural Skin Care Products

I was doing some research and I found out that women can use up to and over 150 different types of chemicals on her body! These products can contain many different types of bad chemicals such as toxins, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, by-products, parabens and even heavy metals. OMG, how terrible is that? Pretty terrible. This is a MAJOR problem because our skin is so absorbent and can soak up all of these chemicals, and we don’t even realize it. This is why it is so important to make sure you are reading labels and checking to see how they are rated for chemicals and toxins before just buying the products. Organic Natural Skin Care industry has grown from a few beauty products or making your own beauty products to an over $800 million dollar industry.

This is why it is crucial to make sure what you are purchasing is safe. It has been studied that the chemicals that are found in commercial products can do a lot of harm to a woman’s body. It can cause cancer, miscarriages, bad skin, and a whole host of other illnesses and problems. I say this especially because it is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH. We really need to pay closer attention to the products we are using. I know some people are saying it is so expensive for these products. Not really, I have found that a good majority of these products cost the same as commercial brands. The main problem is choosing which is product is organic and natural.

I will also say again if you're interested in a product check the website and see if they will send you samples before going to buy the product. That way you’ll see if it works for you and if you like it. Almost every company out there will send samples. You can also go to your local Organic Natural store and see if they have a beauty section and try the products they offer. I know Whole Foods and Mother’s Market have a great beauty section. They have it where you can try the products, a true hands on experience like at the department stores. It is important that you know the product before buying it and remember to READ THE LABEL, check for ingredients and make sure it does not contain chemicals. I hope you find this information useful.

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