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Heal360 Natural Healing Ointment

Sale price$10.85


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Heal360 Natural Healing Ointment
Heal360 Natural Healing Ointment Sale price$10.85

Contact us now to receive your special coupon code! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelsey Bloemendaal
PLEASE BUY THIS! Used to heal baby's 2nd/3rd degree burn

I used this to heal my baby's 2nd/3rd degree burn!

My precious 11 month old baby sustained a deep tissue burn on his arm after spilling boiling tea onto himself. It was such a fast accident, and so alarming. (We have since learned this is a common accident for children under five). I was told by multiple burn specialists in my area (Holland/Grand Rapids, MI) at the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital that my son's burn would not heal without two, possibly three skin graft surgeries. We were overwhelmed at the thought of this recovery, and unfortunately this is the standard of care in many burn clinics. We prayed and God connected us to Nature's Doctor! Our son's 2nd/3rd degree burn is completely healed and we avoided skin graft surgery entirely. Praise God!

Our little babe is able to use his arm like normal and he also healed without a contracture...the burn was across the inner elbow joint so he was at risk for contracture. He is healed!

As a mother of three, I have recommended to my friends and family, and will recommend to everyone here to buy this and keep it stocked in your first aid kit. You never know when an emergency will happen. We were underprepared and under educated. I am eager to help people understand that there are natural, non-invasive options to aid burned skin to heal.

Praise God!

Rachel Horst
Amazing healing salve!

I recently was in an accident which resulted in 12% of my body being burned with 3rd, 2nd and 1st degree burns. After being released from the hospital after several skin grafting surgeries I faithfully applied this salve and have been absolutely delighted with the results and rapidity with which my burns functionally healed! I continue to use this salve on them and for any other wounds as well as just for use as a moisturizer, and would highly recommend this salve