Skin, It’s Best All Natural

There is a reason why people are attracted to natural beauty. And what many women don’t realize is that natural organic cosmetics is the best way enhance your natural beauty over time. Organic natural skin care has both beauty and health benefits for your skin.

How many people do you know including yourself think that your skin is like a sheet of fine silk? But like silk you need to be delicate when caring for it. We would rather put all types of “stuff” on our skin, bake in a tanning booth and try to eliminate the shine on our face. What we don’t realize is that by doing all this we are really doing more harm than good. When we should be using olive oil and sea salt we are slathering ourselves with shimmer lotion and spraying ourselves with After bath spritz of scented alcohol. When we get a blemish we would rather put cream on it to temporarily hide it than get rid of it all together. We have to remember not to be reactive but proactive with our skin and the attention we give it.

Normal skin is almost a myth. Cosmetic companies want us to think that we have combination skin types. That an oily T-zone is not cool, and having dry skin is just wrong. We have to not be influenced by the ads and companies. They just want us to buy their product whether it works for us or not. Remember that the skin is our largest organ. It can be complex also. A square inch of skin holds 650 sweat glands, 20 blood vessels, 60,000 pigment skin cells, and more than a thousand nerve endings. The skin is also only 2 millimeters thick and does and excellent job at protecting us from the outside, it keeps a constant temperature, absorbs the sun’s energy turning it into vitamins while protecting us from bad UV rays, it stores fat and water, gets rid of the waste we put into it and sends us sensations both good and bad. The skin has its three layers they are the epidermis top layer, stratum corneum the horny layer, and the dermis. They all work together like an orchestra, each complementing each other. Our skin is constantly renewing itself and anything that puts it off balance affects all the layers and not to mention our mood and well being.

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