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Article: Sunburn Treatments and Relief

Sunburn Treatments and Relief
Home Remedies

Sunburn Treatments and Relief

Sunburn is an inflammation or blistering of the skin caused by overexposure of UV rays from the sun. There are 2 types of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB. UVA penetrate the skin deeply which causes melanoma or skin cancer. UVB rays don’t penetrate as deeply which causes the sunburn and wrinkling.

OK, as we all know, the best way to really prevent a sunburn is to use sunscreen. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun. Reapply after swimming. Use at least 30 SPF to get the most protection; anything above that does not prove to give anymore protection. Be sure for small children to cover noses, ears and faces carefully.

Did you know that applying pineapple topically helps to protect your skin from UV rays? "The vitamin A in pineapple destroys premalignant skin cells before they can cause damage," says Christopher Dannaker, MD, dermatology professor at the University of Califorinia at San Francisco. So, blend up some pineapple, rub it on your skin and let it go to work for you! Plus, Dr. Dannaker reports, that it stimulates the collagen production to smooth fine lines. Alright!

Now, if you or one of your children or teenagers do get sunburned (I have 2 who think they are invincible and won’t)look below for Home Remedies that help relieve the pain and suffering:

  • Mix together buttermilk and mashed strawberries to make a paste or facial mask. The strawberries reduce the redness and rash along with the buttermilk as it cools and soothes the irritation. Do Not use if allergic to use strawberries!
  • A cool cucumber sliced or mashed will be a cooling moisturizer. You can also, which is even better, blend the cool cucumber with 1 tsp of glycerin. Keep this mixture refrigerated and use within 3 days. You will feel better in not time!
  • One pint of yogurt and 2 tbsp of Rose water mixed together can be applied to where it hurts. It will cool and soothe. Shower with cool water.
  • Mix 6 tbsp of olive oil, 3 tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 tsp of iodine. Shake all the ingredients together in a bottle then gently rub on sunburn. This remedy is old-fashion, but is antiseptic and healing.
  • Vitamin E oil from a bottle or a split open capsule will improve healing. This can be mixed with petroleum jelly.
  • Aloe Vera can be applied to areas where very burned. Aloe is great for healing any minor burns.
  • Make a paste of cornstarch and water then apply to affected areas.
  • Apply tea bags soaked in cold water to burned eyelids.
  • Boil lettuce in water, strain, then cool in the refrigerator. Apply with cotton balls to affected skin.
  • Cut a tomato in half and rub it on the damaged area for 5-10 minutes. It eases the pain and speeds the healing process. Because tomatoes are rich in Vitamin C the antioxidant properties fight free radicals, skin cell-damaging molecules activated by UV rays. Vitamin C also stimulates the production of collagen which can help skin stay smooth.

As always, all the remedies won’t work for everybody, but try different ones and you are sure to find the one that gives the best relief for you!

Be sure to seek medical attention if sunburn is associated with blisters, fever, chills or nausea.

Credit: Priceless Home Remedies

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