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BHA, Calendula Flower & Panthenol, B5 with soothing Comfrey Root. Our oil-free, 100% natural fast-absorbing clarifying serum treatment with salicylic acid from Aspen Bark is made specifically to help brighten skin, smooth wrinkles, unclog pores, and even out skin tone.

In Your Face CLARIFYING SERUM Sale price$75.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I started using this serum a week ago and i am obsessed. I was having hormonal breakouts and after 2 days of using me skin looked so refreshed and my breakouts were practically cleared. Life changing

Alison H.

Obsessed! Love everything about this serum! I pair it with the plumping serum. My face just glows! I have all products and use everyday! My skin has never looked better! Thank you so much Denice! Love you beautiful!

Karyn C.
Works well for dry skin too!

I purchased this as I noticed I had some enlarged pores on my nose and chin over the summer. I was a bit worried about it drying out my mature, ultra-dry, sensitive skin. I use it about 3-4 times a week just on my nose and chin at night. It seems to be helping and I noticed my pores are definitely less noticeable. Tinted moisturizer is no longer gathering in those areas and they look so much smoother. I haven't combined it with my Plumping or B -Serums or followed with The Cream on my nose or chin (The Cream is my miracle worker). I don't use it after the Bamboo Polish which I mix with The Moisturizing Wash (only the days i'm using the Moisturizing Wash alone), but I do use it after my once a week delightful Enzyme Cleanse to refresh after a long week. No sensitivity, redness or dryness, unlike with the new Marine Pearl Cream which is the only product that has caused an adverse reaction out of the entire In Your Face line (which I use most of. You just keep adding as almost everything does something wonderful and lifts your spirits with their heavenly scents). I can't speak to pimples or blackheads personally as I don't have any, but those small areas of enlarged pores and two tiny whiteheads are grateful for the Clarifying Serum. You really can't go wrong with 99.9% of IYF products. My skin just loves them. Sidenote: my adult daughter was over last week. Her new job is very high up and she's in the public eye daily for it. She was a wreck because she had the dreaded, once-a-month ***/period pimple on her chin and important meetings in 48 hours.There was no way to cover it. Her skin is combination, very fair and pore-less. I had her put some of the Clarifying Serum on the beast pimple and put some serum into a sterile vile to take home. She called very excited about 36 hours later. Beast pimple had turned into a tiny flat easy-to-cover barely-there little zit. She's going to be purchasing The Clarifying serum to go with her regular stuff when she runs out of the vial I poured her! The serum is on the thicker side so a little lasts a long time. Day saved! Happy adult kid :-) 😀 Priceless ❤️

Best Clarifying Serum

I’ve been using the clarifying serum for 3 weeks. I have already noticed my pores are smaller.

Julie M.
A Poreless Finish on my Face!

I must admit, I didnt know what to expect from this serum. I've been loving the cream for 3 yrs so I thought I'd try some other goodies. I'm 57yrs old and do work occasionally in from of the camera . I noticed the first time I used this serum, my skin had this smooth bouncey glow - tight but not a dry tight. I was floored. Then when I applied my light foundation, it looked like I had applied a bit of a photo filter -lol. Needless to say, I'm a fan of these powerful little drops of magic!