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Heal360 Natural Healing Ointment (FREE SHIPPING)

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Heal360 Natural Healing Ointment (FREE SHIPPING)
Heal360 Natural Healing Ointment (FREE SHIPPING) Sale price$10.85

Contact us now to receive your special coupon code! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Michael Jackson
The Lord, Moses the kittycat and Heal360

Moses my 5 yr old cat got into his first cat fight (that I know of) on May 26, 2024 A.D.

He suffered a significant flesh wound, (he had multiple on left leg) on his left rear paw. I did not take him to the vet, (though I went back and forth on going or not) but had communication with the office and sent photos of his injury.

He experienced pain, diarrhea, did not put weight or very little on his left leg for almost two weeks. He lost weight and experienced a lot of hair loss. For the most part he maintained his appetite and was able to urinate and defecate.
He looked ill overall. (the Lord only know what kind of sickness the other cat may have had)

I treated initially with Sovereign Silver gel and solution, Sodium Ascorbate solution and B&W ointment for the first three or four days.
I received at that point in time the Heal360 that I had ordered prior to Moses's injury.

I then exclusively use the Heal360 and was able to get a bandage to cover the wound and salve a handful of different times over the next week.

I used paper shavings for his litter box to help keep the wound clean.

I could see improvement in the wound after the first day. Moses recovery for the next week was a roller coaster ride. He hissed at me and scratched me multiple times, not even letting me near him, even up to the end of the first week of using the Heal360, but turned the corner overnight.

He started putting weight back on his leg and was his normal calm kitty self.

I can say as of this writing he has made a full recovery, minus the need for a little
more hair to grow back, but the wound has healed over completely, he has a great appetite and has put on all his weight and perhaps a bit more.

The Lord is good to me in that I am able to feed him a good diet with farm fresh food and healthy water. He likes the dehumidifier water best.

I highly recommend this ointment for people and animal use.

The vet's office went to Nature's Doctor also to look at the product and told me
to keep treating him the way I was and keep them posted. I was able to do that
very thing. If the Lord wills, then they will start using personally and for the vet's office.

Thank and praise the Lord for Nature's Doctor and the friends that pointed me
to them.

I also gave a review for the B&W Ointment.

I will attach photos to share this story for the eyes to see
in part.

The Lord bless you.

Must-have for Every Mom

As a mom of two young children, this salve is my go-to for any cuts, scrapes, or bruises. It heals basically everything fast, and even little children don’t complain when it’s applied. There is no burning upon application. It is soothing and pain relieving. It even helps to fade/heal bruises, which my 2-year-old gets pretty often since he loves to climb. I highly recommend this for every mom!

So many uses, and it works!!!

This is the best all-purpose healing ointment I know of! I put it on cuts, bruises, burns, sunburns, chapped lips, you name it. It's good for what ails you. :) Obviously, it's not a miracle cure. I don't believe that exists, but I can't say that I have ever tried anything that heals stuff faster.

Poison ivy

My husband got a bad case of poison ivy and I was looking through my herbal remedies to decide what might be best to treat him with. We’ve tried multiple things, including frozen plantain, chickweed, and marshmallow root mixture that I had made, Which provides good relief especially since it’s cooling, and the herbs inside will be beneficial for healing.

I’ve made him an oatmeal bath also provides good relief. But in desperate attempt for some relief that didn’t require a bath or a mess we reached for this (Heal 360) thinking it might be a good option. I think this is actually his favorite thing for the discomfort. Almost finished the container I bought and while I am on the website to order more, I thought I would leave my review. I also had ordered their jewelweed spray and the plantain chickweed ointment (but they haven’t arrived yet) thinking it would be a little less messy than the frozen poultice stuff I have prepared.

Ingredient wise this is very comparable to their B+W ointment so I know it’s great for burns but this one has lavender in it so it smells a little nicer. I will say, I once used the B+W ointment on a diaper rash and my baby screamed in pain, my husband had some on his hand and scratched his nose and it “burned” on his skin. So I won’t be using the heal 360 on diaper rashes until I figure out which ingredient causes the warmng or burning sensation and if it’s in the heal 360 or not.
To clarify- The B+W ointment doesn’t burn on sunburns. And it doesn't burn on my husband’s poison ivy rash. And so far the Heal 360 hasn’t given a burning sensation any of the times we’ve used it (which is mostly this poison ivy, thought I also put some on a bandage on a small spot of one of my kids)

It does not smell great though. I almost gave it four stars for that but honestly, it’s medicine so I’m okay if it doesn’t smell great.

The heal 360 seems to be helping my husband’s poison ivy so we are ordering more!

Works great!

As soon as this came, my son got a big gash on his finger. We have been using this instead of Neosporin and it is so much better, the finger is showing zero signs of infection and is healing very quickly.